Spoken English

speaking english

The basic course is essentially meant for those students who are not new to the English Language. We have introduced the spoken English course to make the students have a better understanding of the language and be confident about facing any situation with poise. Though they may have this language in their school curriculum already, students often tend to have poor knowledge of grammar. The lack of understanding of grammar makes for a weak base for these students and they are often observed suffering from certain fundamental problems in forming sentences, the placement of correct tenses, and misuse of punctuation, comma and apostrophe. The lack of understanding of English grammar also leads to a weak set of vocabulary among students, who face difficulty in expressing themselves with a limited set of vocabulary. Therefore we have introduced the Spoken English course, to strengthen the grammatical base of students, so that their understanding and learning capacity of this language reaches a wide horizon.

Key Features:

– Improve accuracy in Grammar

– Expand vocabulary

– Develop reading skills

– Correct pronunciation

– Art of Conversation

– Audio sessions for effective listening

– Communication in English in day to day situations